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Who does not know McDonald’s? The first McDonalds was opened at 1955. It means that McDonalds has been in the business for almost 60 years. Now the store can be found anywhere around the world. Since the company is always greatly growing the need of talented and friendly employees is also increasing.

How to apply for a job at McDonalds

In applying McDonalds jobs there are three steps to do. First, you must fill out the online application form. In order to access online application, applicants should create an account and login to search open positions. Then, they should fill out the form. Before you answer, read every question carefully. Make sure there are no typos. Also make sure that you write you contact details including the email address in the correct spelling. For online application, it is better for you to print the form so you have the copy that later on will be useful when you are called for an interview. It is the same as when you apply through a paper. Copy the application for yourself. The online application can take up to more or less 30 minutes. You must complete it by answering until the last question because you cannot save and return to previous page once you have started. The form covers general information such as personal information, contact details, educations, work experience history, and work available time.

In addition to that, you should also answer a multiple choice questions series. The printed application online is more or less the same as the online one. For applying online, the application can be saved as a draft. Later on you can return to it. So, do not forget tour ID number and password. After you submit your application, you can do nothing but waiting for confirmation. You can check your application status from email. If you meet the requirements, usually you will get email or call about interview invitation. Then, if you pass the interview, the last step will be reference check. Usually the whole process takes 2-4 weeks from the McDonalds application online – print job employment submission to be officially hired. It all depends on the position you apply and the number of applicants applying that position. If the company urgently needs employees, it will not take long time. But the recruitment process can take long time if there are many applicants.

Franchise Opportunity

Apart from working as employee in McDonalds, you can also open your own business by making use of Franchise opportunity. It is a kind of golden opportunity because you can get some benefits. Tools and support are provided by McDonalds so you do not think about that. A valuable benefit that cannot be replaced by money is personal satisfaction. Working with other people surely results in personal satisfaction. By buying franchise you can also make contribution to McDonalds. For your information, the ideas of The Big Mac®, Kiwi Burger, etc come from Franchises around the world. Experience and growth are in your hands.

To Apply online you can access McDonald’s careers.

Printable McDonalds Job Application Form

Printable McDonalds Job Application Form

Download Printable McDonalds Job Application Form

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