LPN Cover Letter Example

Cover letter is the letter to introduce yourself before the hiring personnel read your resume. The rules of the LPN cover letter are actually similar to cover letter for other positions. You need to give your correct information, address the hiring personnel rightly, and inform the hiring personnel about your attention and from where you get the information of the opening position. The cover letter should show your skills, abilities, and anything that make you stand out the others. Nevertheless, since a cover letter is an introduction before the resume, you need to make it short but informative, attractive, and convincing.

Showing your experiences will be helpful to prove your qualification. If, you have a lot of experiences, you only need to mention one or two latest experiences and write the details in your resume. However, if you are newly graduated, you can put your volunteer works as your experiences. Volunteering in Red Cross or your experience when you help disaster victims will be good enough.

For LPN position, although the qualification is the same in general, you must be aware that hospital and clinic will have different requirements. Even more, different departments will require different LPN main skills and abilities. Therefore, you need to know the exact skills and values that the employer seeks from the candidates. It will be good if you make a research about the employer and the department who need new LPN in order to know the environment and the skills they need the most. If you have the skills, you need to emphasize the skills on your cover letter to attract the hiring personnel. In addition, you can add special skills you have that will add your value and will be helpful for the employer. For example, you have foreign language skills that would be helpful to communicate with the patients who speak the language.

When writing cover letter, you need to be creative in choosing the right words and put it in the right place. Do not use typical sentences that will be the same as other thousands applicants. If you need some hints, below is the example of LPN cover letter.

Natasha Swath
Second St.
Florida 32003
Phone: 904.500.1233
Email: Natswath@email.com

September 5, 2013
Ms. Sana Lin
Human Resources Manager
Florida Public Hospital
4th Street
Florida 32003
Dear Ms. Lin,

I am writing in the response to the advertisement you posted in classified.com for Licensed Practical Nurse position in your intensive care unit. I am very passionate about obtaining the LPN position at Florida Public Hospital and I believe that my experience would fit the qualification.

For the past two years, I have been working as an LPN at Jackson Clinic where I demonstrate my patient care expertise and involve in the patient care program planning. A good hand-eye coordination I have is very helpful in performing my duties in daily routine as well as to deal with high-pressure situation in emergency. I also speak Spanish fluently that is very helpful in my communication with patients who speak Spanish.

I have up-to-date State of Florida LPN license and I am available to speak with you personally to discuss my qualification. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I will be available anytime at 904.500.1233.

Thank you for the time you have given to read my letter.

Natasha Swath

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